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VAP Services

Vuln Assesment and Pentest Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are two critical components of cybersecurity testing that help organizations identify and mitigate security risks. Let's delve into each of these services:

1. Vulnerability Assessment (VA):
   - Purpose: VA aims to discover and assess vulnerabilities in an organization's network, systems, and applications.
   - Process:
     - Automated tools scan the target environment for known vulnerabilities.
     - These tools provide a list of identified vulnerabilities, including their severity levels.
     - VA does not differentiate between exploitable and non-exploitable flaws; it simply identifies their presence.
   - Benefits:
     - Early detection of vulnerabilities.
     - Helps prioritize patching efforts.
     - Provides a snapshot of the security posture.

2. Penetration Testing (PenTest):
   - Purpose: Penetration testing goes beyond VA by simulating real-world attacks to evaluate an organization's defenses.
   - Process:
     - Skilled ethical hackers (penetration testers) manually exploit vulnerabilities.
     - They attempt to gain unauthorized access, escalate privileges, and compromise systems.
     - PenTest results provide insights into actual risks and potential impact.
   - Benefits:
     - Identifies exploitable flaws.
     - Measures the severity of each vulnerability.
     - Simulates real-world attack scenarios.

3. Combining VAPT:
   - Organizations often use both VA and PenTest together for a comprehensive assessment.
   - VA provides a broad view of vulnerabilities, while PenTest validates their real-world impact.
   - Together, they offer a detailed picture of flaws and associated       risks.

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